1. Get your name out there

Custom packaging creates a strong first impression for customers who are purchasing your product, while building strong personal customer relationships. 
Your packaging is the first impression your customers have of your products and it is important to ensure you leave a good one. Custom product-packaging ensures your products appear professional and high-value further adding to customers first impressions and sets you apart from direct competitors.

2. Create the experience

Through using custom packaging you are not just selling and sending off your product, you are creating a personal experience for the customer with your brand.  When you have custom packaging your customers get to experience an exciting, share worthy unboxing and are more likely to build a positive relationship with and remember your brand. Elevate your packaging further with tissues, stickers and fun colours and you will see the return. By creating a unique unboxing experience, your brand will gain more visibility and loyal customers.

3. Make it Gram-Worthy 

Custom packaging is crucial for brand awareness and marketing as it provides a professional element building trust in your customers. Elevating your packaging and adding your personal custom touch allows for business exposure as customers are more likely to snap and share their order unboxing through social media, providing a great opportunity for User-Generated Content and word of mouth exposure. 

4. Beat the competition

Just as you don’t want to feel you are amongst a pool of competitors, customers don’t want to feel like they are one of many. They want to feel personally connected to your brand.

You should intend to sell your product as the best your customers can find, it is important to note that quality is not the only factor to make your products competitive amongst the market. By adding a unique custom touch to the packaging of your product potential customers are more likely to choose your brand amongst direct competitors.
June 02, 2022 — Leah Lim